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2769 days ago.
by kmackaben
summer camp

Posts: 0 - Which summer camps will your kids attend this year? There are quite a few in the area.

2821 days ago.
by kmackaben
Summer camps

Posts: 0 - We're looking for parents who send their kids away to summer camp for our next issue of Mirror Moms. Tell us some stories and give us some advice! Contact Kristy MacKaben under blog bio.

2826 days ago.
by kmackaben
Art classes?

Posts: 0 - Hi everyone! My daughter is showing a great interest in art. Do you know of any local art classes?

2826 days ago.
by kmackaben
Soccer ages 3-6 at Summitt

Posts: 0 - 8 Week soccer program by Soccer Shots starting April 26th that includes soccer skills training, teamwork concepts and FUN! Local child care centers, preschools and schools invite us in for...

2835 days ago.
by kmackaben
swimming lessons

Posts: 0 - Where are the best places for swimming lessons? Looking to enroll my daughter this spring.

2856 days ago.
by kmackaben
Activity Fairs

Posts: 0 - Hi, I work with Stone Valley Vertical Adventures, an adventure camp program for middle schoolers.

2937 days ago.
by kristinm
Black Friday

Posts: 0 - In the past ten years, I have only went out two times on Black Friday. This year, after checking out blackfriday****, I think this year is going to make it my third time out.

2948 days ago.
by kmackaben
Halloween costumes?

Posts: 0 - What are your kids dressing as for Halloween? We took the easy route this year. My 6 yo daughter is going to be a bride and my 2 yo son will be a groom.

3013 days ago.
by kmackaben
Greek Food and Folk Festival

Posts: 0 - Something to do Saturday, Sept 17th...with a little international culture… the annual Greek Festival. Last year I talked them into a bounce house and having it be free.

3183 days ago.
by kmackaben
Spring/summer recipes and craft ideas

Posts: 0 - We need your ideas! Please submit your spring and summer craft and recipe ideas here. Your ideas could appear in the next Mirror Moms magazine! Comment here if you're up to the challenge.

3213 days ago.
by kmackaben
My year old need a friend. HELP!!!!

Posts: 0 - When we go to the playground or fun center my son always tries to find someone to play with.

3254 days ago.
by kategreiner09
Family Fun

Posts: 0 - My family just moved to Warrior's Mark from Maryland and I am looking for suggestions of fun activities we can do as a family together on the weekends to escape the chaos of moving.

3318 days ago.
by kmackaben
Winter Getaways

Posts: 0 - Are any of you going on a winter trip? I want to hear about your plans. Or maybe you went somewhere pretty cool last year. Tell me about it.

3345 days ago.
by kmackaben
Football time!!

Posts: 0 - Hi moms and dads. I'm working on a story about football games. I want to hear from you about how you prepare for a football game...

3420 days ago.
by kmackaben
HELP im Looking For Activities for a 2 year old

Posts: 0 - we moved here in Nov and i dont really know Altoona can anyone reccomend some Activitys for a 2 year old girl i tried a dance place but they have to be 3 i need some ideas! thanks SO MUCH :)

3456 days ago.
by PSUAlum
Family Game Night at Quaint Corner Children's Museum

Posts: 0 - If you're looking for something fun to do this weekend with your kids, the Quaint Corner Children's Museum at 2000 Union Avenue in Altoona will host its Second Annual Family Game Night Friday...

3519 days ago.
by kmackaben
Vacation tips

Posts: 0 - Any moms or dads have tips about vacationing with little ones? Mirror Moms is writing a story about traveling with children.

3570 days ago.
by kmackaben
St. Patty's Day activities

Posts: 0 - Hello Mirror Moms readers. I'm looking for your ideas on how to celebrate St. Patty's Day with your kids. If you have any ideas you're willing to share, send them my wa.

Activities outside of school

Posts: 0 - Are your kids involved in a lot of activities outside of school? How do you balance it all? I want to know! I'm writing a story about local parents and how they balance their kids' busy schedules.

Tennis courts?

Posts: 0 - Does anyone know of a good place to play tennis? We tried to play this week and all the public courts we checked were either locked or being used by tennis camps.