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Make your own gifts, decorations

October 25, 2012
Kristin Seiler , Mirror Moms

The holiday season is here and now is the perfect time to craft up some gifts and decorations!

Below are three crafts that your children can assist you with. They can also be modified so your kids can do them with minimal supervision.

Paper Cone

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Turkey Wreath

This paper cone wreath will give your guests a smile on Thanksgiving as they come to your door.

What you need:

Brown foam sheet

Orange foam sheet

Red foam sheet

Black foam sheet

Googly eyes

9 Sheets of card stock in various

fall colors


Hot glue

Wooden embroidery ring

Hole punch

Hemp or plastic string

Estimated cost: $20

Cut a piece of card stock into four even squares. Do the same with seven more pieces of card stock. Take all of the squares you just cut, roll, then hot glue them into cones.

The embroidery ring will have two rings in one so remove the the ring with the metal clasps and set it aside. You will be using the wooden ring without the metal.

Starting near the bottom left, hot glue your paper cones to the wooden ring side by side the entire way around but leave the bottom of the ring free of cones.

Next, glue a paper cone in between two of the cones you just glued and continue around the ring in that manner. You will have three layers of paper cones when you finish.

With your brown foam sheet, draw and cut out a turkey body. (bowling pin shape.)

Cut beak, top hat, feet and gobbler from the foam sheets and glue them to the turkey body along with the eyes.

Glue turkey body to the center of paper cones.

Flip entire project over so the back of the project is face up. Using your hole punch, punch a hole in two of the paper cones on the left and right side. String your hemp through the holes leaving some slack then knot the ends.

With your final piece of card stock, cut a circle big enough to hide the paper cones and wooden ring that can be seen from the back of the project. Hot glue circle to paper cones.

Snowman Vase

This happy little snowman decoration makes a great gift for the holidays

or a lovely centerpiece for your table.

What you need:


Three small Styrofoam balls

Red felt

Brown pipe cleaner

Orange foam sheet

Small doll hat

Black paint pen or fabric paint/puffy paint

Snowflake rub-ons

Diamond Dust glitter or cotton balls

Hot glue or glue

Estimated cost: $15

Glue the three styrofoam balls together for the body.

Add eyes, smile and buttons with your paint pen. Cut and glue nose from the foam and scarf from the felt. Cut the pipe cleaner in half and use for the two arms. Glue on the hat.

Add rub-ons to the outside of the vase but not near the center because this is where your snowman will be placed and your don't want to obscure him.

Pour diamond dust into the vase and place your snowman inside. Make sure to push the snowman into the diamond

dust to support him so he

stands upward.



Make a whimsical decoration for your front porch or entry way.

What you need:

About 9 paper snowflakes or snowflake ornaments

Fishing line

Blue foam sheet

Plastic string

Wooden embroidery ring

Clear glass gems or snowflake stickers

Hot glue or glue

Estimated cost: $5

Hot glue nine pieces of fishing line of different lengths to the inside of the embroidery ring at different points.

Cut two pieces of plastic string -- about the length of your arm. Imagine the ring as a clock and hot glue the first piece of plastic string at 12 and 6. The second piece of plastic string should be glued at 3 and 9.

Cut several two inch strips of blue foam sheet and glue to the outside of the embroidery ring to cover it.

Glue your snowflakes to the ends of the dangling fishing line. Hot glue the clear glass gems to the blue foam sheet for decoration.

Kristin Seiler, 30, is the Activities Specialist at A.C. Moore in Altoona and mother to her child, Gabriel, 2, and two step-children Morgan, 13, and Nick, 10. Her husband, Bob Seiler, is a paramedic at AMED. The family lives in East Freedom.



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