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Caring for Kids: Safety first around the house

February 1, 2016 A child’s home is supposed to be a safe place, away from all the dangers of this world. more »»

The Bookworm: Children’s book all about skin

February 1, 2016 Mama says it’s chilly outside and you need to cover up. You can’t let the cold nip your nose or your toes, so she bundles you up warm with boots and coat, maybe a scarf and mittens, too. more »»

Winning isn’t everything: Make an impact by volunteering

February 1, 2016 Have you ever asked yourself, how can I get more involved in my community? Or what skills do I have to make an impact on the community? For many of us the obvious answer to these questions is yes,... more »»

Family crafts: A place for your candles

February 1, 2016 Add some flair to those plain glass candle holders by trying out these three crafts. Taper Candle Holder Put a bit of romance in your Valentine’s Day with this non traditional taper candle holder. more »»

One Book is going strong

February 1, 2016 Pennsylvania celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its One Book Every Young Child initiative in 2015. more »»

A slice of comfort: Bake up soul-satisfying homemade bread

February 1, 2016 The year 2016 may turn out be full of extraordinary technology that pushes astonishing boundaries. more »»

Kids + Vision: Modern approach to lazy eyes

January 25, 2016 Remember back in grade school when there was that one child that had to wear an eye patch during school to fix their lazy eye? To this day, you can probably recall their name. more »»

Is my child too sick to go to school?

November 1, 2015 It’s that time of year where runny noses, coughing and sharing germs become the norm. more »»

Girl makes her own way in world in teen novel

November 1, 2015 Ever since you were a child, you’ve had dreams to fulfill. Some of them may have been easy: you wanted to visit a theme park, you hoped for a puppy, you wanted another no-school day. more »»

What are coaches teaching?

November 1, 2015 As I sit here today thinking about the direction youth sports is heading in our country I can only look back recently at several ugly incidents involving high school football players blatantly... more »»

Contact lenses viable for kids

November 1, 2015 The children I see in my office every day seem to have a busier social life than I do. more »»

Achieve your resolution in ’16

November 1, 2015 I have a very enjoyable job. I get to help people in sometimes small but always important ways. more »»

Remembering 3 stupid things

November 1, 2015 I find myself much more reflective now that I’ve been 50 for these — what — past 3 1/2 months, which can be quite a dangerous thing when you have my mind and a monthly column. more »»

Make holiday decorations

November 1, 2015 It’s time to craft up some holiday fun with three crafts that cost less than $5 each! Fall Centerpiece This easy centerpiece can easily be made by little hands. more »»

Zucchini stars in savory sidedish

November 1, 2015 Sometimes the best part of a meal is the side dish. This elegant, easy baked tomato and zucchini gratin, in holiday red and green, is a tasty crowd pleaser. more »»

Allergy-proof your home

May 18, 2015 With the spring season in full swing, you may begin to notice signs of allergies affecting you or your childre. more »»

Potty training? Open these books

May 18, 2015 Ah, the joys of potty training. True, our daughter is only 1 year old. However, I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t already researched the topic. more »»

Try out Blair’s new spray park

May 18, 2015 Now that winter is finally behind us, it is time to start thinking about summer, sun, fun and ways to spend time with family and friends. more »»

A hoagie fiasco!

May 18, 2015 There are very few times when this column comes off as an advice piece, but this time, it will — Do not help your kids when it comes to a hoagie sale! OK, technically, I am not against hoagies (and... more »»

Tributes to the fallen: The origin and evolution of Memorial Day

May 18, 2015 Memorial Days are not what they used to be. more »»

No craftiness required

May 18, 2015 I often hear “I can’t do that! I’m not crafty. more »»



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So...This is Third Grade

September 17, 2014 Armpit hair. Apparently third graders have it. To be more accurate, one third grade girl has sprouted two armpit hairs, according to Julie. more »

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