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Bloggin not just a creative outlet for State College mom

February 1, 2015 Hollidaysburg native said she started blogging when she found herself searching for something more in life beyond her full schedule of mom and wife. more »»

Bite into local culinary scene

February 1, 2015 The area’s top chefs and restaurants will once again get the chance to show off their culinary skills to the public at Taste of the Alleghenies. more »»

Winter months create problems for asthmatics

February 1, 2015 With spring approaching, people who suffer from allergies might wish for the cold air to linger to keep pollen at bay. more »»

Coupon clipping .... how to cash in

February 1, 2015 You may not be ready to go on cable channel TLC’s “Extreme Couponing,’’ but if you’re like a lot of people these days, you probably try to save some money at stores by clipping and using coupon. more »»

Mirror Moms event makes 'heroic' return

February 1, 2015 Halloween comes only once a year, but local kids who want to act out the lives of their favorite superheroes don’t have to wait until October. more »»

Family’s summer travel teaches hard work, service

February 1, 2015 PACE, Fla. — The Murset children spent their summer doing chores — just not at their own hom. more »»

Calendar of Events

February 1, 2015 Feb. 24 ArtsPower’s “Four Score and Seven Years Ago,’’ a musical sponsored by the Blair County Arts Foundation at the Mishler Theatre in Altoona. The 7 p.. more »»

Homework woes? Parents should be able to help their kids when they ask, or seek outside assistance

August 1, 2014 Should you help your child with their homework? It’s a tough one for parents, and education experts differ on their answers. more »»

Halloween is coming: Get creative and make your kids' costume and your own

August 1, 2014 Most moms these days feel lucky if they can get dinner on the table and keep the sibling squabbles to a dull roar, so the thought of making their own kids’ Halloween costumes is something they might... more »»

Think your kids are too young for sexting? Better think again.

August 1, 2014 When Tabatha Griffin was growing up, she learned to “Just Say No’’ to drugs from first lady Nancy Reagan, and now as a school principal, she wants her students to reject a whole new danger that she... more »»

One bite can change a life: Number of people with food allergies rising, including cases in children

August 1, 2014 One cashew. That’s all Evan Schimminger ate at a family party before his throat began to hurt, his lips swelled and his eyes became puff. more »»

A place for everything: Back-to-school help from professional organizers

August 1, 2014 Success in school often depends on how well a student manages to organize everything from demanding schoolwork to a dizzying array of after-school activities to technological distractions. more »»

Review: Pregnancy apps track baby, mom’s progress

August 1, 2014 NEW YORK — When I became pregnant with my daughter, now 4, I didn’t even own a smartphone. more »»

Family fun in San Francisco

August 1, 2014 They could have danced around the pier for hours. It was a characteristically foggy and chilly summer day in San Francisco, but our kids, Julie and Johnny (7 and 4 at the time), didn’t seem to ca. more »»

Study finds spoonfuls can lead to medicine errors

August 1, 2014 CHICAGO (AP) — The song says a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, but a study says that kind of imprecise measurement can lead to potentially dangerous dosing mistakes. more »»

Survey shows influence of the Internet

August 1, 2014 According to a new survey, most children in the U.S. will first hear “the talk”about the birds and the bees by age 11 — much earlier than their parents had as teenager. more »»

Stay-at-home father takes care of the 3-year-old twins full time during the day, works part time at night

May 1, 2014 Rachel Black of Altoona said sometimes she feels people unfairly judge her because she works outside the home while her husband, Doug, is at home taking care of their 3-year-old twin daughters, Aver... more »»

Whether in a tent, an RV or a tent, it's time to go camping!

May 1, 2014 At 2 months old Will Turiano of Altoona took his first camping trip. Like his mother, Amy Turiano, and grandmother, Sue Dodson, Will was exposed to the great outdoors at an early age. more »»

College looming: Experts say students as young as sophomores should start looking into higher education

May 1, 2014 The thinking these days about exploring careers and when to start looking at colleges would probably surprise many parents, who most likely thought about those things not too many months before they... more »»

Living with limits: Rare autoimmune disease requires family to keep 7-year-old boy, his sister, away from others

May 1, 2014 No play dates or big birthday parties with lots of other little children, no Valentines from the rest of the first-grade class, no playing tackle football and especially no ball pits at popular kids... more »»

Capture great moments: Tips for taking memorable photos of people and places

May 1, 2014 Summer vacations make great memories but memories can fade, which is why we like to take photos. more »»


KITS After-School Program April 28, 2015

The Salvation Army and Skills of Central PA have collaborated to provide a free after-school program to children in first through sixth grade. This program is offered 3:30 to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday. more »

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So...This is Third Grade

September 17, 2014 Armpit hair. Apparently third graders have it. To be more accurate, one third grade girl has sprouted two armpit hairs, according to Julie. more »

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