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In Which I Make Everyone Feel Better About Themselves

April 11, 2017 - Jen Zbozny
Do you ever compare yourself to other parents? Do you think, "they have it all together and I am a big bag of crazy?" Do you ever think, "no one is more of a crazy train than I am?" Today is your lucky day. Please enjoy all the things I've managed to make a mess of recently.

1. ATM card, where are you?

2. Handbag, I missed you terribly when I left you at work instead of taking you home. I promise not to leave you behind again.

3. Parking permit, you must feel so neglected because remember that time I left you in my friend's car while mine was in the shop? And then I left you in the rental car after that? I really do admire your resilience and your reliability. I miss your powerful effect on that imposing parking arm.

4. Fitbit, I love it that you inspire me to keep moving and eat properly. I imagine that right now the cat is enjoying her exercise as she bats you around in some hidden corner of my house.

Are you sensing a theme? See? Don't you feel better about yourself? You're doing fine. And yes, yes I am thinking about Easter and how somehow it involves hunting things. In my case I've invented that this year the little eggs will be filled with: a spare parking permit

my fitbit

my ATM card

a series of inspiring messages telling me that it's okay and I'm doing fine.

If you happen to find those things in YOUR eggs instead of me finding them in mine, could you help a mama out? It's been a rough couple weeks.



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