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Refrigerator Door to Your Mind

February 26, 2013 - Jen Zbozny
I am beginning to wonder if my refrigerator door is a reflection of my perspectives on other things or perhaps my mind itself. Our refrigerator door is always a riot of different, unmatched magnets (including the obligatory letters and numbers), and magnetic clips with an explosion of items attached. It's a place where we openly display artifacts of our happiness, successes, and achievements. It's the place of honor for Eve's most masterful creations.

It's also overflowing. I do pare down and purge once in a while. I did it last night. But I know what's coming. All that glorious, clear space is like the pull of the tides. We will clip the whale in behind the pompon letter C, somehow, and add three more photos of new babies. That picture we took of the squirrel needs to go on too and we can't take down Grampa either. Then there it is, the riot of fluttering items waving like happy parade streamers, bursting from my fridge.

It does make me wonder though. As much as I love all the pieces of happiness we attach there, I deeply love the calm that comes with uncluttered spaces - as if you know all your homework is done well and on time, and it's still early enough to play outside. When it's cluttered, our fridge door tells a thousand stories and casts my mind into endless tales of happy moments. When it's clear, the lovely sense of order gives me the kind of internal peace that makes for the best kind of days - the kind that will turn up in pictures and artwork all over our refrigerator.

For me, I guess it's a constant act of balancing a bit of kooky with a bit of calm.

What about you? What does your refrigerator say about you? How do you manage the fridge chaos?


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Feb-26-13 10:00 PM

Hi Jen! When we lived in Altoona our fridge was covered with artwork, pictures and reminders. But, when we were selling our house, all that chaos was an absolute no-no. So, I have gotten into the habit now of having a clean fridge door, and I actually kind of like it...though the kids miss all their artwork displayed there.


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