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2013 Pop Quiz Edition

January 17, 2013 - Jen Zbozny
Oooh! Pop quiz for 2013 time! Let's see how well you know us now!

1. Of all the zillion toys Eve got for Christmas (and loves), which is one of her favorites?

A. Red rider bee bee gun with a compass on top and this thing on the side ...

B. Signed first edition copy of Enough Rope by Dorothy Parker

C. Metal, hand-cranked, flour sifter

2. What was in my bed when I woke up the other morning?

A. Eve

B. A spatula

C. 35 cents in pennies

3. What am I having for dinner tonight?

A. Who knows?

B. Whatever anybody else makes and puts in front of us.

C. Crab cakes and fiorentina baked pasta.

The scoring. Give yourself as many points as you want for each correct answer.

1. Duh! Flour sifter! I highly recommend you run right out and get one for your little one. They are sure to love it!

2. Um, trick question. It was all three. I have no idea. I wonder if I was sleep walking and somehow rolled around in the kitchen drawer AND the bottom of my purse and then got back into bed and went back to sleep...

3. Wrong, it's C, fiorentina baked pasta and crab cakes, but I dream of B!

Give yourself all the points in the world times 5 if you've never had a parent moment that seems like any of these. For the rest of you, isn't it good to know we all have times like this? I'm happy to be in the trenches with you.


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