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Hello Out There!

December 2, 2012 - Jen Zbozny
Tis the season! We finished the Thanksgiving marathon in time to commence the Christmas craziness. We love all holidays here. When we don't have an official holiday to celebrate, we make them up. Recently it was one of Eve's stuffed animal's birthdays. We had cake, decorations, a party, special outfits. It was fun for sure, but think about it. If that's what we do for a made up holiday, I'm sure you can imagine the all out over-functioning whack-o we have for Christmas.

Before I go into full-on red-lining my own engine Christmas crazy engine, I need to acknowledge a few things. Here they are:

1. I'm thankful for Thanksgiving. I know that's funny but really, I'm grateful there's a holiday where we don't send cards or have to find a place to watch fireworks. I'm thankful it's about gratitude and history. I'm especially grateful we enjoyed a wonderful meal and hilarious games and stories around the table with dear family. It bears repeating even after the holiday is over. It's one of the many reasons I feel compelled to do a good job for Christmas. I love making them happy and coming up with special things for Christmas for people who have been so good my whole life!

2. Last week was a wild week. It was full of wonderful highs and heart wrenching lows. I celebrated the birthday of my god-daughter and her younger siblings. They romped about and delighted in their gifts. I enjoyed the warmth and laughter that comes with good, old friends, and cake! It was bittersweet though - as my little god-daughter is turning into a beautiful young girl. I will love her no matter how old she is but it did make me wistful for when she was little. It made me realize how quickly Eve will grow up too. Bittersweet.

3. We buried a dear family friend last week. He passed away just after the holiday. He was wonderful, brilliant, warm, funny, genuine, honest, humble, and kind. When I was little I thought he was Santa Claus. He wasn't very old but is he is already deeply missed. I am grateful to have known such a remarkable person. Like good holidays, he made our lives richer because he was there. Somehow it's fitting that we lost him near Thanksgiving. He exuded gratitude.

4. We were on a float in a parade! I've never done that before. Like so much of last week, I gained new perspective because I actually did see something from the other side - for the first time in my life. We loved throwing candy and waving and yelling "Merry Christmas!" It was wonderful to see all those excited little children - mesmerized by the magic and promise of Christmas and the possibility of candy. Such a simple thing, but it seemed to hold so much. It's an event I'll hold on to in my heart - to keep that innocent spirit alive.

And now, it's back to the same routine, except faster and with more work and some surprises along the way. But before I'm off to further festoon our lives with Christmas cheer, thank you for sharing my moment with me. I hope you take a moment to reflect and be grateful too. How was your week?


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