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Chaos is Opportunity

November 26, 2012 - Jen Zbozny
I have a confession to make. I am less than perfect. I have been known to say that if my house were perfect then my own flaws would be glaring. As it is, my home and I compliment eachother well. At times I refer to both its and my flaws as special features. For instance, I have several very old doors. The doorknob rods that pass through the doors are actually too long for the doors. It makes the doorknob and rod unit imbalanced. That produces the less than optimal result of causing the door knob to fall off into your hand with predictable frequency. Special feature.

As for me? I have acres of special features. One of my favorites is how things that make me happy, whether funny or not, make gleeful, audible laughter burst out of me. Just this weekend we went to a movie. There was beautiful footage of zoo animals at the beginning. I was so delighted to see them that I laughed and laughed. I may have clapped my hands like a child. I was informed I was the only one laughing and there was really nothing funny occurring. Special feature.

Apparently preschool is bringing out a new special feature. I seem to forget when school ISN'T! This morning we arrived on time for preschool only to make the disappointing discovery that I'd forgotten we didn't have school. Note well, I have never made the error the other way - that is, we've never forgotten to go to school.

Poor Eve was disappointed. She'd been looking forward to her friends and her teachers. So I took the opportunity that the chaos of my special feature provided. There were cleaning staff at school and they said it would be okay if we stayed in the classroom a little while. That's how I came to really learn how Eve feels about school, and about many things she's never told me about after school on regular days. Alone together in the classrooms she played teacher and guide. I was shown different stations and rules were explained. My behavior was corrected if I forgot to raise my hand.

At one point Eve found a way to tell me there were things she wanted to do or play with at school but she said she felt too shy to ask about it. Because we were alone together at school she had the tools and the comfort level to open that up to me. Because she was playing teacher, we were able to talk through different ways a student could ask for help in such a situation.

It's my flaws and "special features" that created the chaos of forgetting school was cancelled. They gave me a great gift of being able to enjoy preschool through my daughter's eyes for a moment today. They helped me find a way to help her solve a problem.

So, next time you find yourself disturbed by whatever your "less than perfect" thing is, look for the gift that chaos might bring you. I'll bet it's a gem. I'll bet your children will appreciate their own special feature that much more due to your ability to use your own weaknesses as your strength.

Also, if any of your special features happen to be fixing dodgy doorknob problems, I'd be delighted to provide you an excellent opportunity!


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