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Betty Had a Bit of Butter

November 11, 2012 - Jen Zbozny
If Betty had a bit of butter, she was in great shape. I have roughly sixteen sticks of butter and then another big glob of butter in a jar in my refrigerator. What's up with that, you ask? I call this the Bermuda triangle of the grocery list effect.

It's the item that no matter whether you actually have some or none in your house, when you get to the grocery you think you don't have any. For me it used to be powdered sugar. I would swear that every time I saw powdered sugar in a recipe, I would check my cabinet to see if I needed it. Then I would get to the grocery and suffer limited amnesia. Arriving home with my newly purchased bag of powdered sugar,I would get to play the fun game of shove more sugar into the already bulging container of powdered sugar in the cabinet. That went well. Then I solved that problem by taping a giant red circle with a line through it onto that container in my cabinet. The next time I looked at it I had a glaring red reminder yelling NO MORE SUGAR at me. It worked. Except it didn't. It just changed its identity and became butter.

It's true, I have been baking recently, and that requires more butter than usual. It's also true that if I have left over heavy cream, I just pour it into a quart-sized glass jar with a lid. Then I let Eve shake it for twenty minutes. When it becomes a beautiful smooth lump of butter I rinse off the liquids and put it back in the refrigerator - voila! - butter. But really? I think I have enough butter in there to make our own personal Mt. Rushmore. There's not enough toast in the world. And butter isn't one of those things I can sell at a stand in our front yard, like lemonade or something.

Never fear, I'm sure between all that powdered sugar and all that butter, I'll come up with something delectable that we can eat and hopefully freeze. It will eventually turn out just fine, really. But in the meantime I'm a little concerned. Since I'm onto the butter phenomena, I wonder what I'll end up with too much of next. Is it wrong to hope for margarita mix?

What's your grocery list amnesia item? Let us know - and seriously, if you need some butter...


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